Nasty paint fight at florida home depot caught on video

Although this incident is not going to portray Florida in a good way, but still quoting for enjoyment.

On Wednesday, around four men were seen quarreling and fighting at the loading zone of Tampa Home Depot with paint cans as their weapons.

One of them picked up a shovel and threw over the other, but the most obvious fight was between a bulky paint-covered man and a small man.

The burly one slapped the small dude who held strong and responded by throwing and a full can of white paint, to repel off this giant.

The hefty man then headed towards another guy, attacking with swings. He finally calmed down after the whole of the parking lot and a pickup truck was loaded with paint.

It’s surprising to reveal that all the accused men are colleagues and know each other well. The reason for this fight is still unknown and Home Depot’s action against this is yet to be announced.


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