Artist against Artist

The famous street artist, Lushsux, who painted several murals, also attempted to paint one of 50 Cent, has been attacked. This incident resulted shortly after the rapper, 50 cents, stated that the artist needed an ass whooping in his post.

A lot of people trolled this incident by commenting statements that the artist has been hurt but they weren’t the reason behind this. Lushsux, directly accuses the rapper as the reason behind this event. According to the victim, a group of 6 to 7 people beat him and he needed immediate hospitalization.

The rapper commented on Lushsux’s Instagram post saying that Lushsux required a bad ass-whooping as he is still making murals. Lushsux posted a screenshot of this comment to support his accusation on the rapper. In addition to this, Lushsux also posted his picture while hospitalized and covered in blood with the incident of assault explained in a long caption

Lushsux does not intend to stop his work despite such an attack. He believes that a minority people against his work cannot stop him from what he does from heart, as far as he is loved by the majority.

50 Cent became intensely outraged when Lushsux started to troll him by creating funny and hilarious murals, effecting 50 cents rapport. The unnamed artists recreated 50 cents in pop culture figures such as Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, and Post Malone.

Initially 50 Cent pretended as to like the work of this artist and he even reshared some best of them on his Instagram feed, but his tolerance was enough as the artist did not stop.

50 Cent shared such a picture in his feed and said that although the man is bullshit, his talent and speed of work is commendable. 50 Cent expressed concerns over why the artist has chosen him for bashing.

For Life’s producer sent out a warning to Lushsux and said that it was still unproven that the attack was initiated by 50 Cent’s comment.


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