Coolers to the Rescue

Two men survived from drowning in the deep blue ocean. Chilled drinks proved to be the lifesavers as they were holding a Styrofoam cooler.

According to Adam Vetter, while fastening his boat to the shore at 6:30 pm, he saw two men in the ocean floating with the support of a cooler. They were around 12 miles from the seashore of Hudson Beach in Florida.

Adam thought that it was a sinking boat but later noticed that two men were clinging onto something and were asking for help.

The 2 men say they were holding on for dear life for nearly 4 hours. Adam and his crew pulled the 2 men upon their boat to safety.

According to the survivors they held each other for about 4 hours before Adams crew rescued them with their boat. The case would have been worse if Adam did not spot timely, but thanks to the while color of the cooler, for being prominent over the sea.

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