Coronavirus Relief: Post Malone Raises Almost $3 Million From Nirvana Tribute Concert

Some days ago, Post Malone held an online Nirvana tribute via YouTube to raise funds to support the coronavirus fight. Reports have it that more than $2.8 was raised that night for corona relief.

Malone, Travis Barker of Blink 182 his drummer, guitarist Nick Mack, and bassist Brian Lee all performed from different while maintaining social distance. All these took place in Malone’s house in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Malone and his band took 80 minutes to perform 15 songs including the classic Nirvana such as “About a Girl,” “Come As You Are,” “Heart-Shaped Box.”

After paying tribute to the writers of the songs, he started off with “Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle.”  This is a song from “In Utero,” Nirvana’s last studio album.

The widow of late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain could not hold her gratitude. The congratulated Malone and his band for the tribute concert and raising the millions. The band members were very excited and impressed by the outcome of the online concert.

Post Malone reiterated on a YouTube video where the whole funds generated from the concert would go. He said the money would be used to support frontline workers to get medical supplies and quicken the development of vaccines, and treatments.

Google will to their promise of matching whatever Malone would raise from the concert by matching up to $5 million in donations. As said earlier, the whole funds would directly to the United Nations Foundation’s Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund, an arm of The World Health Organiza

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