Everything We Should know about the best gaming console of 2020

After the PlayStation 4 won hearts of millions of gamers, Sony is planning to launch the brand-new PlayStation 5. However, due to the pandemic and the spread of the coronavirus that has rendered all the supply chains close, people are curious when Sony will launch the new PlayStation.

As per the technologists, PlayStation 5 will inherit the official window, outstanding specifications, UI system, and efficient hardware. However, haters have been spreading rumors about hardware, leaks, and innumerable hypotheses. There are many official things that we must know about the PlayStation 5.

Sony has not announced the PlayStation 5 release date, but looking to the launch history people are anticipating it to be released in 2020 holidays while some people think Sony might release the product earlier since many people are home-stricken in the pandemic. In Japan Sony Interactive Entertainment accidentally posted a job listing for the release of a new Sony product.

It might be another Sony product or the Playstation5, no one knows. Back in the previous decade Sony has launched its products in November, but the pandemic has disrupted the global supply chain; hence, it might be possible that Sony makes an early launch.

Because the components of the PlayStation5 are state-of-the-art it might be pricier than other Sony products. As per the Bloomberg report, the new Sony product might have over $450 worth of components. On the contrary, the PlayStation cost around $381, but upgrading the components and launching it in the form of a PlayStation 5 will incur a cost of $470.

In the CES press conference that took place in January, Sony released the new PlayStation 5 logo. Fans were bored and used to the conventional logo; Sony thought a new logo might increase their sales. But the new logo was not much liked by people as it was intended. On close inspection the logo looks like its predecessors; therefore, people trolled Sony over twitter.

In the CES January conference Jim Ran, the CEO, and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment proposed that there are six rime specifications in the new launch. PlayStation 5 will have future-proof technology with high SSD speed elements, Dolby sound technology, integrated haptic feature, responsive triggers, unmatched hardware tracing, and Blu-ray crystal clear display.

The typical hard drive in the Sony gaming consoles will be replaced with compact and portable SSD. In a Sony investor meeting, the company researched the speeds of two PlayStations; one with SSD and others with the hard drive. PlayStation 5 that was incorporate with SSD works more effectively.

The haptic feedback was launched to intentionally replace traditional rumble technology. These haptic technologies will allow users to leave their feedbacks easily. Adaptive triggers are very sensitive and responsive that the action immediately performed as soon as it is commanded.

So, whether it be changing direction in a racing game or rocky terrain, these triggers will ensure the utmost sensitivity. For example, a car tuck in mud or ice will have differing speeds, but with haptics the actions are simulated differently. The PlayStation 5 controller will come with a C-type USB slot, Li-ion battery, speakers, and way more features.

Additionally, the console has eight-core processors that work according to The AMD third-generation Ryzen line. The processors have thin printed chips that are only 7nm thick and possess the Zen 2 feature. The AMD hardware enables the ray-tracing graphics to function in a video game.

In a recent CNET interview Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, unveiled that the PlayStation 5 will have a 4k graphic technology with over 120 Hz processor speed. Along with other specifications this feature will make the gaming console smooth, responsive, and efficient. Games that demand higher frames per second will be easily played over this high processor PlayStation 5.

Moreover, Sony is planning to remove the long loading screens from console games with efficient use of technology. This feature is patented under “System and method for dynamically loading game software for smooth gameplay”, which refers to the technology that stores important information in advance.

With much more it could offer; Sony will also incorporate the game remastering engine that will allow the PlayStation 5 to quickly access the titles from the PlayStation archives. The cross-generational play will autosave the games to easily transfer the progress from one Sony device to another.

As a result, gamers can transfer the game’s progress within consoles and continue from where they left off. The playing for plant feature runs over green energy that offers hard-to-beat power-saving settings. This feature will successfully suspend the gameplay with very little power consumption compared to the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 5 is also anticipated to develop a new artificial intelligence (AI) assistant for the gaming console. This news was unveiled by the World Intellectual Property Organization’s published patent. This assistant will work like Siri in Apple, Alexa on Amazon, and Bixby on google.

The assistant will be able to perform an array of activities: resuming the gameplay, automatic upgrading, downloadable games, and auto-saving progress.

Back in August 2019, Tom Warren, Verge reporter, told that the PlayStation 5 will have a stylish V-shaped body. This generous size will add to the compact structure of the PlayStation 5. Moreover, the design is ergonomic and is sought to reduce tension and stress amongst frustrated gamers.

The image illustrated on the DualShock 5 controller will quickly launch simultaneously to the PlayStation 5 providing users with ease of access. This is what Devkit does. It is large and made in a V shape to make the stacking of the devkit easier. It is also possible to run multiple stress tests by stacking multiple devkits. Both the sides and center are integrated to allow the heated air to expel from the tiny vents.

So far Sony has not released an image of the PlayStation 5 using the user interface (UI). However, the picture posted on 4chan will give you the first look at PlayStation 5. The design is posted by an unknown user so it is not reliable. The image contains a similar interface as that of the PlayStation 4 OrbisOS layout.

The icon structure and the vertical drop-down menu is similar to the PlayStation 4 as well. PlayStation 5 will come with a grand 1 terabyte (TB) of storage and 0.100.020 updated system software. The image posted on 4chan enclosed a message that “I was working at a random game studio that had some PlayStation 5 devkits, so the PlayStation 5 UI will also look like the posted picture”.

The UI on PlayStation 5 is revamped and refurbished to allow more users to play simultaneously. The games work very fluid and different modes can be set for different genres of games. Cerny told Wired that this function will be efficient in booting the games, but we do not want the random players to boot the saved game progress.

So, it is better to wait patiently and see how thus boot menu affects how gamers can play multiplier games. The multiplayer games will enable the users to have many joinable events in the console. On the contrary, single-player games will be guided on how to accomplish a mission and earn rewards after a mission execution.

All these different options are only possible with the existence of a UI mechanism. But, if you like going with the flow you can simply play as you want.

Sony publicized the news of the anticipated launch of PlayStation 5. Moreover, they have revealed that the gaming console will have a state-of-the-art IP function. Many gaming companies have started producing the games that will be compatible with working on PlayStation 5. One of such is the Godfall.

The game investor exclaimed that he wants to add a competitive edge by launching this game as soon as the PlayStation 5 arrives. Sony might adopt some catchy titles for the games if conditions stay positive and favorable. Other games at bay are Death standing and the naughty dog.

These two games will use the best IP processor in the PlayStation 5. These next-level games and gaming console will revolutionize the lives of gamers. The PlayStation 5 animated trailer is a must-watch if you are a technology freak or a hardcore gamer.


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