Female Mechanic Fired After Boss Finds About Her Side Hustle – OnlyFans

Female Mechanic at Ind. Honda dealership at Fort Wayne and with a promising career hit a roadblock because of her side gig. Kirsten Vaughan, a 24-year-old young lady works full time as a mechanic and part-time as an adult entertainer on OnlyFans. She has an account of OnlyFans – an online adult streaming site where fans pay to view streaming.

Her co-workers found her side hustle on OnlyFans. This caused harassment which led to her sack. It all started with colleagues making frequent lewd comments which eventually got to the boss. After management investigated the report, she was blamed for having an account on such a site. She was sacked outrightly without a warning or reprimand.

Although Kirsten claimed she never exposed the company’s uniform to the site. She uploaded her videos and pictures from the company’s bathroom. Everything was going on smooth for her till her colleagues kept pestering her after seeing her videos. She said they became creepy and kept bothering her. Kirsten ordeal occurred since Valentine’s Day earlier. She disclosed this after stories surrounding her sack came up.

Jason Johnston, Head of Human Resource insists that she was fired for violating company policy and not the OnlyFans account. She exact policy she violated is still undisclosed. John also explained that Kirsten should be blamed for the harassment she received from her co-workers. Since her colleagues saw the video and also recognized her, they would be tempted to make sexual advances at her.

OnlyFans users have been on the rise, especially since this lockdown due to the coronavirus. People on lockdown are using online sex work on OnlyFans as an additional source of income until work resumes. Some experienced sex workers have since offered their advice on this new trend. For instance, Asia Akira, an Adult film actress said that friends and foes will find out eventually.

Until her firing, Kirsten was doing pretty well at the Honda Dealership. She has received praise from her superiors. At one time, a superior uploaded her video applauding her for the good works.

Kirsten’s job performance at the Honda dealership was previously praised by higher-ups, who even posting a video to their Facebook page applauding her for her work. Kirsten herself often praises herself as a phenomenal employee. She said to have a perfect record and was good at her job.

Kirsten claims she started her side hustle to clear her student loans, settle her mortgage, and also help fulfill her dream of owning a car garage someday. Well, Kirsten may not be the only employee with an account on OnlyFans. Caryn Looper, her female colleague also has an account. Caryn also has been harassed by male colleagues after discovering her on the page. She said one time, a male colleague groped Looper’s butt, asking her what $20 would get him. That made Looper file a police report against the colleague and quit her job.

Despite firing her, Kirsten continued keeping her OnlyFans page, claiming she makes more money than she ever did from the job at the Honda dealership.

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