Grubhub Driver Charged After He Ran Over Restaurant Worker Who Asked To Observe Social Distancing

The man who gave himself in and has been found linked with the hit-and-run captured on camera is Aamir Mohammed, a 30-year-old who as per cops is facing multiple criminal charges.

The guy was charged for two counts of aggravated battery — while using a lethal weapon and causing terrific bodily harm as well, one felony count of failure to report an accident and two misdemeanor counts which include leaving the scene and lastly, driving with a non-existent license.

A Grubhub driver faced accusation of running over a Chicago restaurant employee who asked him to maintain social distance over which he allegedly threw a tantrum and now has turned himself in, as reported by the police.

The insane episode was partially caught in the eye of a camera from Friday evening out in the Lakeview neighborhood, where the owner of Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken Angenita Tanner could be seen in a heated squabble with the impersonating Grubhub driver, her staff got involved in the scenario as well since the dude wasn’t ready to follow directions at all.

Tanner told that the man was there to pick a delivery for a Grubhub customer, but when told to wait outside since only one person was to be allowed at a time, the dude allegedly lost his cool and made an awful lot of fuss, kicking the door and leaving in a fury.

Tanner along with her 24-year-old daughter and one more employee who had the lens of his camera focused on the dude followed him to get his license plate and ring the cops. An unsettling dispute ensued between Tanner and the guy while Bijan stood in front of his car.

The guy is then seen accelerating all of a sudden and hitting Bijan before the clip ends. Tanner says it doesn’t end there, the dude completely ran his car over her daughter causing multiple terrible injuries including broken bones.

Bijan had to go into surgery but luckily will recover pretty soon, says Tanner. In a development, Chicago PD informed that a man has turned himself in confessing to the alleged crime. Nothing more than that.

Meanwhile Grubhub says they were “shocked and appalled” by the incident, claiming they have nullified the driver’s documents and are all geared up to provide any kind of help to build up the investigation.

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