According to Patrick Curran, he is not a trained chef, and calling his son for dinner is a challenge than preparing it. His son Jason who spends his time playing games in his room while wearing headphones gets difficult for Patrick to call him downstairs for dinner. Therefore, the experienced Patrick belonging to Ireland had a great idea to place a strobe bulb above Jason`s screen. That strobe light could be turned on while staying in the kitchen with a switch.


Patrick told that he was tired of shouting and calling Jason downstairs for dinner. While Jason used to play games with his headphones on and he wouldn’t respond hence he had this idea to place the light over Jason’s tv screen to make it easier for him to call his son. It only took Patrick half an hour to fix the light and it’s very useful as it takes minutes for Jasons to walk down. The only issue they have is that Jasons often have to come back again to remind his dad to switch the button off.

The family of two is having this issue due to the containment as they used to order food from restaurants and do takeaways before the lockdown.

Patrick lost his wife back in the year 2016, who used to cook food for the family.  They all still miss Susan as she was very close to everyone.

Patrick and the late Susan (second left), with their children Jason, Daniel, Natasha and Amanda.

Patrick thinks in a short time he has developed his cooking skills. Although, one day he could have burned the house. Patrick thinks Jason likes the food his father cooks. Patrick can make a variety of food such as spaghetti, steak, salmon, breakfast, fast food, etc

No matter how much Jason gets into his games, he will always know when the dinner is ready.

Once for the first time he tried making chicken fried rice, in which he poured oil in the pot and turned the flame high which he used to do with a frying pan. And when he turned around there flames were going up high. He seized the pot and went to the back yard where he emptied the pot in the bin. Jason was also accompanying his father at that moment. They both were fine. Irrespective of the pot experience, the father figured out that he would like to use the lighting technique to call his son downstairs even after the lockdown is finished. Since he is in routine to cook and he is liking it he would continue doing it, which is a positive outcome of this.

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