Maryland Seafood Pub Visitors Hangin’ Around In Huge Inner Tubes — Say Hello To Safe Boozin’!

Here comes a classic example for American dexterity — giant expandable inner tubes standing on wheels so visitors can safely come to bars while maintaining a proper distance, not now but soon enough.

This extravaganza of social distancing was shot at Fish Tales, a seafood joint in Ocean City, MD, and they were exhibiting this peachy new widget that they are planning to use probably in toto once they resume their dine-in services, with the upsurging coronavirus safety measures in place.

It is going to be exactly like it was demonstrated, pub-goers will enter in these massive gizmos around them which would allow them to hobnob and have it their way without the staff being forced to become a wet blanket and enforce social distancing.

They have been named “Bumper Tables” and the owner of Fish Tales Donna Harman has told us that she has already stocked up 10 of these and she is planning to make them public once she gets the green light. She further says that it’d be better to use the gismos in the parking lot since it might be tight inside. According to her around 40 to 50 of these devices can be accommodated at a time in the space provides, which means she’s planning to buy more.

Time for you to stop wondering how these contraptions came in to being. They are actually a new invention created by a company called Revolution Event, which runs under Erin Cermak. Cermak reveals that she and her team baked these fluffies from scratch, plus they are all custom-made and designed by keeping the pandemic in mind. It’s a handy innovation, as Cermak says she’s been getting a lot of business-related attention. Do you think you’ll be able to pull off this look?

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