Rare Blue Dragons Found On Island Beach Shore In Texas

These strange creatures have been found washing up on a Texas shore. While beach-folks are free to go in awe at the sighting of one, they should keep in mind that the creatures are to be admired from a distance.

No, these aren’t exactly the type of fierce beasts that you have seen breathing fire in the movies. Measuring only about three centimeters long, Blue dragons are in reality a type of ‘nudibranch or sea slug’, but withholding the ferocity of the dragon persona, their defense mechanism comes with a punching ability similar to a man-of-war if you touch them.

With the shore being the holiday destination for the past 30 years for the Lane family, the kid’s parents still never stumbled upon this mysterious creature. ‘We spent three years camping out there, usually once a month or more, in college and neither one of us had ever seen one of these little guys,’ said Hunter’s mom to KSAT.

His dad Trey also told CNN: ‘Hunter loves sea creatures and thought he had found a blue button jellyfish. After they picked it up in a beach toy he proclaimed to me that he had discovered a new species!’

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His mom added:

One washed up right next to my foot at some point, luckily I saw him and didn’t step on it. Hunter really wanted to touch it, I don’t blame him, I did too, as they look very soft and squishy. But we discussed that since we have no clue what they are we better not.

After thinking about it he even said: ‘He might be like the poison dart frog mom, he is kind of brightly colored, which is a warning.’ Smart kid. The PINS Facebook page shared Hunter’s snap in an attempt to warn visitors who come across a blue dragon to maintain their distance.

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The post explains how the creatures prey on the Portuguese man-of-war and pack the stinging cells from the jellyfish into their fingers resulting in a way more painful sting!

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Due to the spike of them washing up on the shore, more visitors are spotting these creatures, said spokeswoman Jamie Kennedy, but Hunter maintains the amazing streak of finding four.

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